Taking Care of Our Customers

One of our regular customers at store TC22 in Caldwell, ID dropped her wallet in the parking lot.

A good samaritan picked it up and took it to the manager. The manager looked inside the wallet to identify the owner and she then reached out to the customer via social media and let her know it had been found. Our manager then personally took the wallet to her on her way home after her shift.

When Danni was manager at TC26 in Mountain Home Idaho, she is credited with saving the life of one of her long time customers. Shei was at the drive thru window on her regular visit and while talking to her, our manager observed some alarming behavior that she’d not seen before. Our manager then asked her to come inside for a minute to make sure she was alright. After a few minutes, it became clear that there was something wrong and she called an ambulance. The customer was hospitalized for 3 weeks but is doing fantastic!

At store BS231 in Pendleton, OR one of the regular customers visited the store like normal. He made his purchase and went back out to his truck where he collapsed. The store manager and the employee on shift witnessed the incident and called for help. They stayed with him until help arrived.