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Introducing our new Star Cigar FLVR.

FLVR Cigars are the best of the best and infused them with delicious combinations to get your taste buds in on the party. Fist Bump FLVR Cigar is a sweet cigar so tasty you’re going to want to grab another for your best friend. Tahitian vanilla bean and cream is the vibe we’re putting down. Ski Chalet FLVR Cigar is a hand-rolled cigar bundled in salty caramel goodness. Unicorn Tears FLVR Cigar– they say unicorns don’t exist, but really, we just hired them all to transport this cigar out of our realm and into a new world of flavor fantasy. Get ready because we’re getting tasting notes of brown sugar, butter and maybe even…. yep, chocolate. Pick up all three tasty flavors at a location near you! 

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